Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Notes for Meeting 4/24/07 (Last meeting of the year!)

- Went over projects we did throughout the year. Some of the projects: Ronald McDonald House (Soda Tabs), Habitat for Humanity, Gardening w/ Friends, Clothing Drive for Peace Week, Rotaract Conference, Fall for your Park, Fun Fair and selling pretzels, Greater Philadelphia Care Day, "Live Strong" bracelets, Friedman Cultural Arts Center, Schuylkill, and the Hunger walk. We are likely to continue many of these projects next year as well.

- Some new ideas for next year include a penpal system with prisoners, Swat Idol, and a project involving animals.

- Swat Idol: We are looking for a club to co-host Swat Idol with (an acapella group maybe?) as well as space (Lang or Upper Tarble) to host it. Some possible judges may be Liz Derickson, Martin Warner, and Paley from Chemistry. Ideas of prizes: Karaoke machine? Packages? There may also be two competitions: one for the best singers and one for the worst singers.

- Things we still need to do: Collect the final soda tabs around campus, send a photo album to Mongolia, and find more people to fill executive board positions such as Publicist.

- New meeting time for next year is still being decided. Also, Sharples may be the new meeting spot.

- We need to get a charter!

Thanks everyone for a great year and hope to see you next year as well.

Eric Kim `10 [Secretary]

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