Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The scrapbook is finished!
Soon, I'm going to mail it to our twin club in Mongolia.
Sorry it took me so long, and I hope you all are having fun summers!



Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Notes for Meeting 4/24/07 (Last meeting of the year!)

- Went over projects we did throughout the year. Some of the projects: Ronald McDonald House (Soda Tabs), Habitat for Humanity, Gardening w/ Friends, Clothing Drive for Peace Week, Rotaract Conference, Fall for your Park, Fun Fair and selling pretzels, Greater Philadelphia Care Day, "Live Strong" bracelets, Friedman Cultural Arts Center, Schuylkill, and the Hunger walk. We are likely to continue many of these projects next year as well.

- Some new ideas for next year include a penpal system with prisoners, Swat Idol, and a project involving animals.

- Swat Idol: We are looking for a club to co-host Swat Idol with (an acapella group maybe?) as well as space (Lang or Upper Tarble) to host it. Some possible judges may be Liz Derickson, Martin Warner, and Paley from Chemistry. Ideas of prizes: Karaoke machine? Packages? There may also be two competitions: one for the best singers and one for the worst singers.

- Things we still need to do: Collect the final soda tabs around campus, send a photo album to Mongolia, and find more people to fill executive board positions such as Publicist.

- New meeting time for next year is still being decided. Also, Sharples may be the new meeting spot.

- We need to get a charter!

Thanks everyone for a great year and hope to see you next year as well.

Eric Kim `10 [Secretary]

Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Fun Fair Pictures!

The fun fair was a huge success! We sold a lot of pretzels, and once the Rotary group matches our earnings, we'll have enough to buy two llamas for Heifer International. All in all, a great year everyone!

Click here for the picture link:

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Swarthmore Fun Fair!
Tomorrow from 12:00 noon to 6:00 PM
We'll be selling soft pretzels and sandwiches to raise money for Heifer International.
Help Rotaract buy a llama!

And while you're at it, check out our amazing adventure-themed window decoration.
For more pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/besamijabon/sets/72157600104646090/

If you have a shift selling pretzels or sandwiches tomorrow, Pierre will send you an e-mail.
See you there!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Notes for meeting 4/17/07

-Ride the Tide Activities Fair Friday 4/20! Let's get specs excited about service! Anyone who can please come at 11:00 AM to the front of Parrish for set-up. I will be there but I will have to leave when at 11:30 when the fair "officially" starts. I'll come back around 12:30 and the Fair will end at one.

-Decorating Booksource for the Fun Fair Saturday 4/21! Meet at the store Booksource in the Ville at 1 PM. Since the theme is "adventurers," we will decorate their window with a Lord of the Rings theme. Bring any Lord of the Rings pictures you can print out or draw, as well as any quotes, quenya text, etc. Decorating shouldn't take longer than an hour.

-FUN FAIR SUNDAY 4/22!!!!!!!!! I need someone to drive me to pick up pretzels from Pretzel Boys. Whoever is driving should pick me up at Parrish circle at 10 AM (the store isn't that far away). Everyone else - there are two shifts for the Fun Fair: 11:45 AM to 3 PM and 3 PM to 6 PM. Lin, Rosario, and I are already signed up for 11:45 to 3. Eric and Phillip are already signed up for 3 to 6. We need at least one more person for 3 to 6! The people arriving at 11:45 (and anyone else who wants to come) are marching in a short parade. For the parade, meet at the corner of Harvard Ave and Park Ave. If you arrive at 3 PM, we should be selling pretzels and bbq pork sandwiches at tables in the parking lot at the intersection of Park Ave and the road that leads to the Co-Op in the Ville.

-Last meeting of the year! Tuesday 4/24 at 7:30 PM in Parrish Parlors!

-Our new officers, Rosario, Phillip, Smitha, and Eric, if they can, should all go to the Rotary meeting on Friday 4/27. The meeting starts at 12:15 PM at Strathhaven Country Club, BUT since Phillip and Eric have class until 12:20, we need someone to drive them once they walk from class to Parrish circle - leave around 12:25 and get to the country club at about 12:30. The meeting should be over by 1:30, 2 at the latest, and it's fine to leave early if you have to. I just think you people should meet Rotary and let them know what we have been doing and what plans you have for next year.

Thanks everyone for a great year!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hunger Walk 2007


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Notes from Meeting April 10th, 2007

We're meeting at 7:25 AM at the train station to catch the 7:31 AM train to Philly. Yes, I know it's early.
But, the walk will be over by 1:00 PM, it'll be tons of fun, and there are more reasons besides to go to the walk. ;)
Apparently, the link to the donation page isn't working--so, everybody who is walking and hasn't donated yet, BRING $15 IN CASH. We'll figure out where to drop off the donations when we get to the Art Museum.
Wear RED or a Rotaract t-shirt if you have one.

We are meeting at 11:15 AM by Park and Dartmouth (or Harvard?) to walk in the Fun Fair Parade.
Then, the rest of the day we'll be selling soft pretzels to raise money for Heiffer International. That will go until 6:00 PM.
The theme for the Fun Fair is "Adventurers" so we'll be decorating the window of "Book Source" in the ville very soon. Think about possible decoration ideas!

Friday April 20th 11-1:00 PM
We'll be setting up a table for the fair to talk to prospective students about our group. Please come!

In other news:
The officers have been decided for next year. YAY!
Co-presidents: Rosario Paz and Phillip Rhinehart
Secretary: Eric Kim
Treasurer: Smitha Neerukonda

The clothing drive was a huge success. Right now my garage at home is filled with random bags of clothing. Unfortunately, our Sierra Leone contact has malaria....so, Pierre is currently figuring out a way to get half the clothes to Africa. The rest of the clothes (mostly winter items) are going to a thrift store by Northwestern Human Services in Chester.

Thank you to everyone that helped out! We really appreciate it!