Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

9:30 AM Saturday Roberts Kitchen baking for the Ronald McDonald House. If you have $2-3 to spare for vegetable oil, cake mix and eggs, that would be wonderful. Roberts is the last building of the three dorms across the athletic field. If you have any trouble, my cell phone number is 267-767-3667.

If a lot of people show up, we may split up any way...and use the Palmer kitchen too.

UN Day has been canceled. 900 people resgistered for 800 spots, but on the brightside, you can bake with me and not have to get up at 4:30 am.

Nov 18th -- The City-Year servathon from last weekend was rescheduled for the 18th. Same times, info, etc. (Mural painting). Contact tkelley1@swarthmore if you're still interested. However, I should point out that Gardening with Friends at the Friends Hospital is also that day. Pick an activity that works for you!

Officer Positions

Bettina is now the Director of International Service, so Director of Club Service and Director of Professional Development are still up for grabs. Contact Pierre if you're interested!

If you're interested in doing volunteer income tax returns and long term projects of that vein--contact Deb. Kardon-Brown at the Lang Center. dkardon1@swarthmore.edu

Lastly, if you want to send a message to either myself or Pierre specifically, PLEASE DO NOT ADDRESS IT TO THE LISTSERVE.

Take care,

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Meeting Recap Tuesday October 24th, 2006

Hi friends,

This saturday: City Year in Philadelphia. Mural painting, fence painting, etc. You'll leave from the Lang Center at 8:00 AM and you should be back by 3:30. Send Teresa Kelley '07 your Hold Harmless forms by tomorrow via campus mail. (Pierre e-mailed those forms a while back). If you have any questions, contact Teresa at tkelley1@swarthmore.edu.

Is anyone available this saturday to help Pierre with yard sale related things? He would need help transporting boxes of donations, etc. Pfont1@swarthmore.edu

November 4th (next saturday):
UN Day -- This event is STILL tentative, but so far 4 people including Pierre are going to New York City for this event. A taxi is leaving at 4:30 am from here to leave for the Greyhound Terminal in Philly. That way you can make it to the UN building and registration that begins at 8:30 am. You should be back no later than 9:00 pm. If you have any questions/are interested e-mail Pierre (pfont1@swarthmore.edu).

Baking!--For those of you who aren't early birds, I need a group of people who would be available to bake brownies, muffins, etc also Nov. 4th starting at 9:30 am. We'll bake (no need to worry about the materials, I have a lot) and take a train to the Ronald McDonald house to drop off the food and SODA TABS. Let me know if you're interested (lgyi1@swarthmore.edu) and start collecting soda tabs folks! I don't care what you collect them in, plastic baggies, etc. Drop off the tabs at the next meeting, or with me.

Pierre is sending out an e-mail either tonight or within the next couple of days. Here are the positions again.
We will decide positions on a first come first serve basis (who ever responds to the e-mail fastest)...but of course we urge you to reconsider if you can't make it to a majority of the meetings! ;)

Director of International Service--Finding contacts among the international Rotary community
Director of Club Service-- PR, Social Events planning
Director of Professional Development--getting speakers to come to our meetings

I hope everyone had a wonderful break. Lots of activities are coming up, so don't forget to sign up or express interest.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Meeting: Tuesday October 10th, 2006
7:30 PM Parrish East Parlor

Upcoming Events!
This Saturday! (Oct. 14th) -- CRC Watershed 9AM-11AM. The group leaves from Parrish Circle at 8:30. The activity involves planting trees. Contact Pierre (pfont1) for more information.

Habitat for Humanity -- The October 21st and 28th activities have been cancelled! There are no open dates for Habitat Delco until January...I'm so sorry about the mess-up for everybody who was looking forward to it...

October 28th (after Fall Break) -- This event is tentative, but we were thinking of taking a group of students to Philadelphia for mural painting. The activity lasts from 8-5 PM, but since there are two shifts, we can be back on campus early. This may end up being a Saturdays of Service activity. Let us know if you're interested!

November 4th (also tentative) -- ROTARY UN DAY. This would involve spending a day in New York with members of Rotary and other Rotaracts. We are still in the process of planning transportation, but we will keep you posted.

Ronald MacDonald House
November 4th OR 11th
We'll spend a saturday morning baking brownies, etc to take to the Philadelphia Ronald MacDonald house. E-mail me (lgyi1) if you have any questions. The date will be confirmed after fall break.

Director of International Service--Finding contacts among the international Rotary community
Director of Club Service-- PR, Social Events planning
Director of Professional Development--getting speakers to come to our meetings

We're not holding elections, if you're interested, just let us know.

Good luck with midterms and have a wonderful fall break!
Lastly, GO EAGLES.


PS - I know these blog updates appear in your mailboxes, but an easier way to leave feedback is to visit the actual blog and post your comments there. That would be fantastic.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Notes for meeting 10/3/06

-Starting next week, we will be meeting at 7:30 PM on Tuesdays in Parrish Parlors again. This time is permanent. Yes, permanent. We are really sorry to people who can't make it at 7:30, but that time seems to work better for more people. Remember, it's completely fine if you can't come to meetings! What's important is the service projects we do, and you can be completely involved proposing, signing up for, and planning service projects through the listserv and the blog.

-This Saturday (10/7), two things are happening:

1. Rotaract Conference. We will meet at the Swarthmore Train station at 8:20 AM and will be back by 6 PM unless people want to eat dinner in Philly. The conference will consist of meeting with other local Rotaract clubs, exchanging plans and ideas about service projects, and listening to guest speakers from Philadelphia Cares and all of the international projects that Rotary does. So far, we have 5-6 people who want to go, but we can take more. Please e-mail me (pfont1) soon if you want to go!

2. Habitat for Humanity. The five people going are Lin, Rachel Adler, Lynn Conell-Price, Eric Kim, and Helen Hougen. Unfortunately, Habitat can't take more than 5 people from us on a given day. You 5 guys will meet at Parrish Circle at 8 AM and Jayne will drive you to the Habitat site. You should be back by 1 PM. Please wear closed-toed shoes, tie your hair back if it is long, and clothes that you can imagine yourself helping to build a house in. E-mail Lin (lgyi1) with any questions.

-On October 14 the Crum-Chester-Ridley Watershed association will be planting lots of trees at East Lake Park in Ridley Park from 9 to 11 AM. That is right after classes get out for fall break. If you will be nearby around then and want to help, please e-mail me (pfont1) soon!

-2 People have expressed interest in doing Habitat on Oct. 21., which is the last Saturday before fall break ends. If you are one of these two people or if you will be here then and want to go, please e-mail me (pfont1) soon!

-There will be another Habitat day Oct. 28 (the first Saturday after we get back from fall break). Currently, I have Jim P, Ayanna J, and Soraya L signed up, and Fletcher W said he might be able to go. If these 4 people all go, we can take one more if I don't go. Tell us if you want to go, or if you are signed up and can't go.

-We will meet one morning (not super early) Nov. 4, 5, 11, or 12 (all Saturdays and Sundays) to bake food on campus and then bring it to give to Ronald McDonald House in Philly. You can contact Lin (lgyi1) with questions or suggestions.

-We will go to Friends Hospital in Philly to do Gardening with Friends on Sat, Nov. 18. We might leave around 9 and be back around 3. Please e-mail us if you're interested!

That's it! Many apologies for taking so long to finalize the meeting time. See you next Tuesday at 7:30!