Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Notes: Meeting 2/27/07

Next Event:
March 24th
Rotaract conference for groups in Greater Philadelphia--to be held at Manor College.
Please let us know if you're interested in attending.

March 30th- April 7th
We will be organizing a clothing drive for a church in Sierra Leone. We are thinking about tabling in the Parrish Lounge (where the mailboxes are). We will have sign-ups for shifts the first meeting after Spring Break. In the meantime, brainstorm ways in which this can be a more efficient venture.

April 14th
Let us know if you would rather walk or volunteer at this event. The walk is approximately 8 miles around Kelly Drive and back to the Art Museum. We would suggest donating $15 if you are a walker. If you would like to volunteer (passing out water, etc), however, you do not have to donate money. We will most likely split into two groups -- walkers and volunteers.

April 22nd
The theme for the fun fair is "Adventurers." Every year, we decorate a window in the ville. If you are a member of another group that may be interested in participating in window decorating/the fun fair--please e-mail me (lgyi1) or Pierre (pfont1).
The decorating usually happens a week or so in advance--the actual fun fair will take place on the 22nd.

Finally--the end of the semester is slowly drawing near. If you would like to be a president let us know as soon as possible. We may hold an election.

Take care, everyone! Hang in there...only 10 more days until spring break!


PS -- Do NOT forget to e-mail blurbs about yourself to pfont1@swarthmore.edu to send to our twin club in Mongolia. If we don't have a picture of you already, feel free to e-mail a photo to one of us.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Notes for Rotaract meeting 2/20/07


-We're doing maintenance of the Bluebird Trail at the Schuylkill Environmental Center this Saturday, Feb. 24. We are meeting Saturday morning at 10:30 AM at the train station and will be back by about 4 PM. The people who I have signed for this are Lin, me, Smitha (maybe), Phillip, Rosario, Bettina, and Dan (Lin's friend from GWU)...if anyone else wants to go to this please e-mail pfont1 now! Also, if you are signed up and can't go please e-mail pfont1 now.

-Please write short autobiographical blurbs and e-mail them to lgyi1 asap to be included in our photo album that we are sending to our Twin Club in Mongolia.

-Lin, Phillip, and I are meeting with Karen Lorang of SBC this Friday (2/23) at Kohlberg Coffee Bar at 4 PM. Anyone who wants can come, especially freshman who want to be officers in the future and upperclassmen who have dealt with SBC charters or budgeting in the past!

-For the Philly Hunger Walk Saturday, April 14, some of us can walk with the Philadelphia Rotaract Club team (which would mean donating at least $15 per person) and some of us can volunteer passing out water or at other tasks during the walk (which is free). E-mail pfont1 soon saying if you want to walk (and donate) or just volunteer.

-For those of you involved in other Student Groups, tell them that they can (and should) have a booth at the Swarthmore Fun Fair, Sunday, April 22, from 1 to 6 PM. Tell them to to register at http://swarthmore.web.aplus.net/students.htm and e-mail jkoellh1 (Jayne Koellhoffer '07) with questions. We're also trying to get as many student groups as possible to decorate windows in the ville (the theme is "adventurers" - Pirates of the Carribbean, etc).

-Finally, check your e-mail inboxes for a power point presentation attachment from our twin club in Mongolia. We looked at it at the meeting tonight and it is unbelievably cute.

See you Saturday! (or next Tuesday)


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Meeting 2/13/07

Happy Valentine's Day.

Sorry this took a while for me to post...

Quick Reminders:

Anyone who wants to bake brownies and then bring them (along with the
soda tabs we've collected) to the Ronald McDonald House in Philly should
meet in front of Roberts (of PPR) at 10:30 AM this Saturday (2/17). Those
who stay to go to the Ronald McDonald house will take the 12:31 PM train
into Philly and should be back by 2:30 PM.
Contact Pierre if you're interested.

Bluebird Trail Maintenance
10:30-4 PM

Twin Club Photo Album
Please e-mail a paragraph about yourself (major, interests, why you're in Rotaract, etc)
We are slowly filling up the album with postcards and pictures. Please e-mail me your pictures of Swarthmore, etc: besamijabon@gmail.com

Also--there is a Peace Week Meeting TODAY from 5:30-6:00.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Summary of meeting 2/6/07

- Please empty any "Pop it Like it's Hot" envelopes that you see (and especially the ones in your dorms) of the soda tabs in them and bring them to next week's meeting (2/13/07)

-Please bring photos of yourselves and of Swarthmore, along with any trinkets of Swarthmore and American college life you can think of, to next week's meeting. We have a twin Rotaract club in Mongolia and are preparing a photo album/memento book to send to them. Also, please join our Twin Club's e-mail group! To join, go to the page http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NuM_Rotaracts

- We are going to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House on Saturday, 2/17, to drop off the soda tabs we have collected recently. We would leave in the early afternoon (the exact time will be decided next meeting). If anyone wants to meet earlier in the PPR kitchen to bake goods to bring with us (since Ronald McDonald house relies on donated food), please e-mail pfont1 or lgyi1 soon!

- We are going to do maintenance of the Bluebird Trail (remove last year's nests, right tipped-over posts, and build and install new nest boxes) at the Schuylkill Environmental Center on Sat., Feb. 24 (the day of Screw). We will take the 10:30 AM train from Swarthmore and should be back by 4 PM at the latest, allowing you enough time to dress up to meet your screw dates at dinner in Sharples. ***please e-mail pfont1 soon if you plan to go!

-Tri-Co Peace Week is March 30 - April 7. We will do a clothing drive that week, and we will collect clothes at a central location (Tarble? outdoors?) We are taking suggestions about what organization to donate the clothes to. Lin has suggested an organization that will send the clothes to those who need them in Africa, but please tell us if you have any more suggestions.

- The Philadelphia Hunger Walk is Sat., April 14. We might decide to split into two groups, one that will walk in the Hunger Walk (which requires a $15 donation per person), and another that will volunteer in the staging of the walk (handing out water, etc.) If anyone has any other suggestions (that we all do the same thing, etc.) please e-mail pfont1 or lgyi1.

That's it for now! See you next week!